What Did U $@y?

lol.gifA recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses the emergence of a unique online language of hackers and gamers referred to as “leetspeak” (elite speak or l33t5p34k) – a form of netspeak. Some of these purists are up in arms that the “old folks” are trying to use their language. I guess there is nothing worse than your mom or dad referring to you as your BFF? How does this mesh with average students in school? Are they actually happier when their teachers do not embrace such new forms of discourse that are “theirs”? Or, if such a form of written expression does creep into students’ work, what do we do with it? Do we LOL and say, AYK? Apparently, Shakespeare would approve. I was walking across campus the other day and overheard two students talking, using expressions like BFF and LOL. Can we not even laugh out loud anymore? Will humor be reduced to stating “LOL” in reality?I came across an interesting site that will actually translate netspeak and leetspeak back into standard english.BTW, can you read this? TEh INTeRn3T i5 THr3@+EN1N9 t0 Ch@n93 thE W4Y wE $p34k. If not try the translator 🙂 

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