Wii Are Nuts!

wii.jpgWell, this morning I did something that I swore that I would never do. I got up early and lined up at a local Target store to try and get a Nintendo Wii for my sons for Christmas. It has been sold out everywhere and virtually impossible to get. We are not a big video game family, although my kids are more interested because they are growing up with friends who are steeped in the video game tradition. I am so thankful that my kids love to read and play and sing… We just felt that they could actually use a good bout of video gaming and the Wii provides a great experience.

Anyway, I heard it through the grapevine that a local Target was getting a shipment to be released Sunday morning. Those waiting in line would be rewarded at 7:00 AM with a “golden ticket” (it was pink, actually) that would guarantee them a Wii any time until 12:00 noon. Well, not being a fanatic about this, I woke up at 6:00 A.M and was outside of Target by 6:40. There were only 7 people in line. I could not believe it and was totally prepared to turn around and go home at the sight of a huge line-up, some who had probably camped out all night! It turns out there was only a couple – grandparents at that – that got there at two in the morning and were quite annoyed that no one else was there. They had woken up to make this pilgrimage for nothing! So, they went home and came back again at 3:30 A.M. only to find that they were still the only ones there. It was funny to hear their annoyed tone as they recanted this tale to those of us in line. I was eighth in line. A few more folks arrived and by the time the Target offical came out at 7:00 to pass out tickets, there were perhaps 15 of us in line, all shivering as it was a cold upstate New York morning. The guy beside me (ninth in line) was worried that there would only be eight tickets passed out. Apparently, this was his third try to get one of these. I assured him that this would be his lucky day.

Well, once we had our tickets (it turns out they had 57 units to sell!), we all left for coffee or something. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Tim Horton’s, quite proud of my accomplishment as a early morning line-up capitalistic greenhorn. I came back just before eight to see about 30 folks all mobbing the front door. As they let us in, they all went running to the electronics section. It felt as if I was running with the bulls in Pamplona! I was just hoping I would not be gored. I felt quite giddy as I let everyone rush past me – as I had a ticket. They did not.

They made us form two lines. The line to the left was for ticket holders. The line to the right was for those found wanting. Now I felt like I was living in the south a hundred years ago with one bathroom for african Americans and one for us whities. Not trying to make light of serious history here, this whole thing was very strange, indeed. Oh, the looks on their faces as they fretted and whispered to one another and pointed to us in the ‘good’ line. We had it made.

Well, to end this story, I bought the Wii console and an extra controller with a charging station and went home to my wife and kids, feeling like I had conquered something of significance. I had to tell my kids that I went out for a newspaper and coffee (which was true), as they were quite curious why I had been gone so long and so early on a Sunday morning. What do I make of all of this? I’m not sure. It feels like I have sold my soul somehow. I had only seen such craziness on the news and chuckled at those ridiculous people. Now I am one of them. I will have to reflect further on this and post more later. Merry Christmas, kids.

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6 Comments on “Wii Are Nuts!”

  1. Chris Yarger Says:

    Welcome my friend to the club. Almost a year ago I was in line shortly after my Thanksgiving day dinner. My father had found a coupon from Circuit City allowing for free computers, as long as supplies last. Oh the things you do for family. I spent the evening trading places with my father in line and in the car (Just happened to be freezing that evening). We were the first in line, and when the store finally opened we got the computers. Why is it that we go through these processes for simple material gains? Is there something about electronics that drive people crazy, is it human nature to get ahead in life by saving a few bucks and getting the ‘next hot thing’, or is it the media telling us what we should get then making for good TV by interviewing those crazy people in line?

    As for you getting your children a Wii, I’d just like to say it’s a good decision, though posting it on your weblog where anyone can find out… aren’t you worried with such tech savy children they could discover their present and ruin the surprise?

  2. Stephen Ransom Says:

    Thanks for the “tactics” tips. Hopefully I will never need to use them 🙂
    As for my kids finding out, maybe in a few years. As for now, we keep them quite protected while on-line and they are not (YET) living in front of the computer. I will face that day when it comes (and it will come). However, your caution is good advice to consider in the future. Thanks.

  3. Elaine Smith-Carrion Says:

    You are one lucky guy! I have been trying for the last year to purchase a Wii for my son, and every time I think I have my hands on one I am told these words by the sells clerk “Sorry we just sold the last one 5 minutes ago.” While I have greatly considered camping out at one of the local retail stores my body tells me “are you crazy.” However, I got an inside tip from a cashier from Wal-Mart that told me to be in the store on Wednesday between the hours of 10a to 12noon and I might get lucky. Now the only challenge I must face is convincing my employer that I need the morning off for a Wii expedition.

  4. Steve Ransom Says:

    Good luck on that one! I do feel pretty fortunate to have been able to purchase one like I did. I was really thinking that I was just wasting my time. How long have the Wiis been sold out if you have been trying for a year?

  5. cwolske Says:

    Hey Dr. Ransom,
    The early-bird gets the worm so to speak, eh? Congrats and you’re kids will love the Wii! My girlfriend just got me one for my birthday in November and it’s been a blast! When the Wii first came out there were a few “snaphoos” if you will, just wanted to share this with you (Mind you that I myself haven’t experienced any problems with the Wii, or any of it’s counterparts). One question I would pose after viewing this site is where are these people from? I don’t know anyone that got hurt using the Wii or broke anything.

    WARNING: mature content here (some language i’m sure, mostly in comment areas but I really don’t read them, also for actual injuries to people there are pictures of bruises, blood from scratches and cuts) viewer discretion is advised!!!


    I couldn’t believe the huge list they have for all the Wii related injuries, even a pets section, yikes!

  6. Stephen Ransom Says:

    We’ll do our best not to break anything or anyone! At least we haven no pets to worry about… at least our goldfish upstairs are safe.

    BTW, what are you doing blogging after the final exam and the end of this course???? Is it catching on a little bit? 🙂 You can actually easily participate in the blogosphere without having your own blog, right? So, if continuing your own blog is just too much or not interesting at this point for you, you can always participate in the blogs of others…


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