Google Forms with Spreadsheets

Google has now added the feature of forms to its already budding suite of word processing, presentation, and spreadsheets. Forms works in conjunction with spreadsheets and is so slick. What you do is design a new spreadsheet as if it were a form for the purpose of soliciting information from a pool of folks. Simply add categories such as name, phone number, address, etc… whatever information you are looking for. Then, under the “Share” feature, choose “Form”. form1.jpgThis option allows you to “invite” people (up to 200) to fill out your form, view the results, or become editors/collaborators (need a Google account for this) of the form/spreadsheet (Go here for more info). They each receive an active form in their email (if their local email app. allows it). Or, there is a link that they can paste into the browser that takes them to the secure location to fill out the form (no registration needed). What happens when the recipient fills out the form is it simply updates the spreadsheet that you created. Rather than share the actual spreadsheet and have invitees fill out information on it directly and risk data loss or confusion, this form option allows them to add information to the spreadsheet document without actually seeing it (although that is an option) or editing it directly. How cool is that? It worked like a charm when I tried it. Now to find a real reason to put it through its paces.

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